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  • $5900.00

    Mimi So Wonderland 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Twig

  • $12900.00

    Mimi So Bow Mid 18k White Gold Diamond Ring 6

  • $2600.00

    Mimi So Wonderland Pave Diamond Eternity Band

  • $4300.00

    Mimi So The Phoenix Feather Ring With Diamonds

  • $4900.00

    Mimi So Wonderland Pave Diamond Stinger Drop Earrings

  • $3900.00

    Mimi So Mini Bow Diamond Stud Earrings

  • $42000.00

    Mimi So Wonderland Tanzanite Flower Drop Earrings

  • $3900.00

    Mimi So Pave Black Diamond Bow Pendant Necklace

  • $5900.00

    Mimi So Wonderland Ruby Diamond Ladybug Bracelet

  • $5700.00 $5130.00

    10% DISCOUNT!

    Mimi So Two Tone 18k Gold Pave Diamond Bow Bangle